About Stepz Dance Academy

Whatever your age, ability, or agility

Stepz take great pride in seeing their student’s progress with their dancing and place great emphasis on learning in a fun and friendly environment where students can excel both in ability and confidence while they are there.

Stepz offers professional classes in Street dance,Cheerleading ,Stage,Disco,Lyrical Contemporary and Tap dancing.

Students can come from walking to our adult & toddler class right up to classes for the retired. 

They also provide ‘EXTRA DANCE’ in the form of Display and Competition teams which gives those children who wish to do more something to work towards.

All of the students are invited to take part in the Stepz annual showcase where they get to perform their talents in-front of a large audience –building their confidence and giving family and friends a chance to see their loved ones perform.

Each year after our showcase everyone who took part in the show is presented with a medal at our Presentation Night –Each class is awarded Trophies for various categories culminating in our Dancer of the year Trophy-

This is a great night for family and friends to party and join in the fun of Stepz.

Our Approach

Stepz dance academy was established in 2000 and has become one of the most popular community dance schools in Sheffield. At Stepz we take great pride in seeing our students progress with their dancing and place great emphasis on learning in a fun and friendly environment, where students can excel in both ability and confidence while they are there.

Stepz offers professional classes for all ages and abilities from our Dinky Stepz baby class to our adult classes and competition teams there is something for everyone to experience and enjoy .We are an inclusive dance school with classes for adults and children with additional learning needs.

If you are looking for a Sheffield dance class that’s fun and exciting then come and take a look at Stepz Dance Academy. Stepz Dance Academy offer dance classes in Sheffield for those who want to learn in a fun and exciting way. Forget about traditional dance methods. come along and join in the dancing fun at Stepz.

Our Values

Positive Energy

An energy which makes the surroundings and people feel good inside and out .


Creating a welcoming safe space for all dancers of any age or ability


Gathering together as a group to dance and create a community where there is a sense of identity and belonging.

Team Work

Working together


Showing respect for our teachers and fellow dancers using encouragement and respecting each other’s individualities.

Meet The Teachers

Kirsty Brown


Kirsty established Stepz in 2000 after many years of teaching dance and fitness. She inspires everyone with her passion for dance in the community and providing a provision where ‘anybody’ can dance.

Kirsty fuels her company and drives her team everyday with her enthusiasm and positivity to make a difference to their students lives.



Danika is a qualified Street Dance and Acro teacher.

She is a homegrown Stepz coach and enhances our dance school with her inspirational teaching methods.

She is passionate about mental health & well being and is trained in SEND.

Day job : Learning mentor



Ruby has been with Stepz since she was six years old and is trained in many dance styles.

She is passionate about mental health and inclusivity.

Ruby helps run the school throughout the week and also coaches our performance team.

Day Job : Alternative provision manager.



Leah is a qualified dance teacher and has a 1st class diploma in Street Dance 

She is a homegrown Stepz coach and brings passion, enthusiasm and bags of excitement to each class she teaches

Day job: Dental nurse & Mum of 2 young children



Lissy has danced with Stepz from being five years old.

She brings energy, exciting choreography and enthusiasm to her classes.

Lissy is trained in many genres of dance and helps coach our senior competition team aswell as other classes during the week.

Day Job : Teaching assistant.